Crossing of Norway in orientation

Across Norway

We are two brothers, Fleury and Corentin, with the project of crossing Norway  exclusively in orientation

A Journey through Norway

In June 2022, we will embark on a hundred-day adventure through Norway. The objective is to start from the southernmost point (Lindesnes Fyr) of Norway, to connect its northernmost point (North Cape) all in orientation. The crossing will take place in semi-autonomy on about 3000km that we travel on foot and off-trail. Our orientation means will only be maps and compasses

Both orienteering passionate,  we want to share our preparation and our project with you, a movie will retrace all our adventure.

to become partner

To be able to achieve this crossing, we need material, food and financial means. If you want to help us and associate your image at our adventure, do not hesitate to contact us.